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20th November 2017

Introducing Joblogic Service Management Software - Exclusive Deal

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We are proud to announce a brand new collaboration with Joblogic Field Service Management Software who offer 1 FREE USER FOR LIFE to all ADSA members.

We like to talk to our members about everyday industry challenges they need to face, and try to find solutions. Managing your companies and typical routine can be extremely stressful, especially if there is no centralised system in place.

Therefore, we are pleased to introduce a new ADSA members’ benefit: Joblogic Field Service Management Software. We are particularly excited about Joblogic being a great fit for our members as they fully understand the automatic door industry standards and compliance requirements.


As a part of our collaboration, we are excited to offer a deal where JOBLOGIC OFFER 1 FREE USER FOR LIFE to all ADSA members.



What is Joblogic?

Joblogic is a single system that will connect your office team, mobile engineers and customers together via desktop, tablet and mobile devices. This ensures instant communication between field engineers and the back office.

You can also decide if you wish to grant your customers access to their dashboard so they are offered transparency of data. They will no longer bombard you with emails and calls chasing status of their jobs. Accessed via a secure login or a job specific web link, customers will have access to full job data and real-time reporting dashboards.

Working on sites

The Joblogic mobile application works fully offline, so regardless of where your sites are located, all information will be stored until you reach the area with internet coverage. Moreover, Joblogic enables the office users to allocate, dispatch and complete jobs without asking field engineers to return to the office.

This means that you manage to service more sites quicker than you would do without Joblogic. Everything is digital, from timesheets, photos, parts lists, expenses and more. Engineers receive real-time mobile notifications, so they don’t have to return to the office just to be told where their next job is located. This has direct impact on significant savings on stationery (paper, cartridges), postage, fuel, satnav and vehicle tracking software.

How can you benefit?

Joblogic can handle all your processes - quoting for new installs, scheduling planned maintenance visits, and faster invoicing. You will also be able to connect with your field engineers without having to pick up the phone or asking them to return to the office.

This smart software / mobile app will enable you to control your stock levels, service your assets, QR code tag them and manage your PPM comfortably. Joblogic also offers invoicing and accounts integration so you don’t need to change your established routines. You will just replace spreadsheets and calls with this clever app that is designed to save time, costs, and frustration that comes with duplicated or lost paperwork.

Powerful reporting

Joblogic will enable you to analyse data in seconds. How? The system offers data visualisation based on the date range you select. For example, you will be able to see what sites are most profitable to your company and what sites are most time consuming.

If you would like to find out more about Joblogic Field Service Management Software, visit and learn more or get in touch.