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27th July 2015

Powered Pedestrian Doors - Field Test Body

ACC1073 Field Test Body

Automatic doors that have ESPE (Electro-Sensitive Protective Equipment) sensors fitted as part of their safety system must have them tested during initial commissioning and regularly tested during servicing to ensure they are operating effectively.

Guidance on specific tests is given in BS EN 16005 and BS7036 and in both standards reference is made to a test body or test box. To ensure the industry has an effective way of testing sensors “in the field” as opposed to laboratory testing, guidance has been issued by the Automatic Door Suppliers Association after consultation with sensor manufacturers and the European Standards Technical Committee on the specification of this box.

RTR and Hotron have taken this guidance and produced a fold-flat, durable product designed to assist installers, service technicians and responsible persons meet their obligations to comply with the standards.

To order your ADSA Field Test Box contact RTR Services tel 0870 242 6029 or email

or contact Hotron, Ken Peacham on +353 599 140345 or email



  • Black and Grey


  • 700mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 200mm (D) assembled Material
  • 3.8mm Correx™ Note: Correx™ is the registered trademark of the DS Smith Group

Operating Environment

  • Temperature range -30°C to +80°C • Humidity 100%