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10th August 2016

ADSA Developments from 1985 to the present day

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ADSA was established in 1985 to create the British Standard. Over the years ADSA has worked tirelessly to develop and nurture the standards and to bring together the companies and individuals that install and maintain automatic doors to create a vibrant and safe industry and most importantly safety for the millions of people that use our doors evey day.

1985 – ADSA Code of Practice for safety of Automatic pedestrian doors was formulated and issued. These could quite possibly have been the only  guidelines in existence worldwide at that time.

1985 – ADSA market statistics produced by member companies giving a barometer to members on the market trends and to this day is still something that is not achievable in many Countries.

1988 – ADSA Code of Practice adopted by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and issued as BS7036 1988 “Safety at Powered Doors for Pedestrian use”.

1995 – Automatic Doors acknowledged as coming into scope of the Machinery Directive and ADSA educate the members on the needs and how to comply with the Directive.

1995 – Guidelines on what constitutes a “Competent Engineer” agreed within the membership.

1996 – BS7036 “Safety at Powered Doors for Pedestrian use” 1996 issued after the ADSA worked with the BSI to bring the standard up to date and include more door types and acknowledge the advances in safety systems and devices.

1996 – “Authorised Technicians” testing launched into the industry. Testing engineers knowledge of the revised British Standard and was the only independent verification of any skills in the industry (possibly worldwide). 

1997 – ADSA work with the Building Research Establishment on a specifiers guide for “Domestic Automatic Doors and Windows for the use by elderly and disabled people”.

1999 – ADSA successfully lobbied the Scottish Building Control Executive and the Scottish Office to accept Failsafe systems as a means of escape on fire escape doors as well as traditional “Breakout” systems.

2000 – ADSA works with the Department of the Environment giving active consultation on part M of the Building Regulations “Access to and Use of Buildings”.

2002 – After the Major Contractors Group announce they will only employ companies who have operatives with Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards (CSCS), ADSA start the process of getting industry certification in place, which is formally recognised in the scheme. This took the shape of certification under the NVQ scheme. The assistance of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) was vital to us achieving this and their valuable contribution is duly acknowledged.

2004 – ADSA consulted on the Amendments to  part M of the Building Regulations “Access to and Use of Buildings”.

2007 – The NVQ scheme is launched with two assessors sponsored by ADSA for the sole use of member companies. A major milestone for the Industry. CSCS cards are now widely held in the industry backed by the ADSA test and the NVQ qualification.

2012 – Executive Committee agreed to have more inclusive membership and to recruit a new president to deliver the plan to increase the benefits of the membership

2013 – Technical Committee formed from technical and training managers of member companies.

2013BS EN 16005 “Power Operated Pedestrian Doorsets- safety in Use- Requirements and Test Methods” came into force in Europe replacing BS 7036. ADSA produce a guidance document to help members understand the requirements and give access to lower priced copies of the standard.

2013 – Dave Hill joined ADSA and later became Managing Director. The managing executive increased to 8 members

2013 – Work started on the formation of BS 7036 – 0 Chaired by Paul Watson with ADSA members forming the working group.

2013 - ADSA Directory published

2014 - To meet the new increase in members the executive increased to 10 representatives from member companies and they were appointed directors after a revision of the Articles of Association.

2014 – Technical Committee formulated a test for BS EN 16005 “Power Operated Pedestrian Doorsets - safety in Use- Requirements and Test Methods” and organised testing centres around the UK.

2014 – Technical Committee formulated a two hour refresher training course for BS EN 16005 and organised training facilities around the UK.

2014 – An updated and more professional website site is launched with more member information and interaction.

2014 - One day training course covering BS EN 16005, safety signage, electrical compliance developed and offered at venues in UK and Ireland.

2014 - Technical and Training Manager appointed

2014 - BS 7036-0 " Code of Practice for risk assessment and risk reduction" published. Developed and written by ADSA members for the benefit of the auto door industry.

2014 - First ADSA Golf Day

2015 - ADSA Business Manager appointed to manage ADSA membership, events and finance transactions administration.

2015 - ADSA opens office in Tamworth, exclusive to ADSA members.

2015 - Technical committee agree new test box criteria after consulting the EN 16005 standard group.

2015 - ADSA Yearbook published

2015 - ADSA set up working group on BIM, (Building Information Modelling)

2015 - Membership exceeds 200, the executive council increased to 12 company members and the technical committee to 19 companies being represented.

2015 - Over 1100 persons working for members pass the ADSA Authorised Technician test since the new test started in March 2014

2016 - First ADSA Conference and Dinner at East Midlands Conference Centre with guest speaker, Phelan Hill, London Olympics rowing medallist.

2016 - Increasing membership, training activity and events-  Administration Assistant appointed (P/T)

2016 - ADSA meet with other associations GAI (Guild of Architectural Ironmongers),  DHF (Door & Hardware Federation) and AAADM (Association of American Automatic Door Manufacturers) to share knowledge and joint initiatives.

2016 - The ADSA App launched for all those who work in our industry. Free of charge to download to smart and android phones. 

2016 - The ADSA Annual General Meeting changes and meets at Worcester Racecourse. After the morning meeting members enjoyed hospitality and 6 races in the afternoon.

2016 - ADSA members set up an inclusive group to develop an Pedestrian Automatic Door Apprenticeship using the governments Trailblazers Apprenticeship programme.

2016 - ADSA become lead member of BIM group for the pedestrian auto door industry.

2016 - First ADSA regional meetings announced for the 27th September and 1st November.