ADSA Mobile App

The ADSA Mobile App is the perfect technical resource for engineers out in the field.

Please take a moment tell us a bit about yourself using the Data Entry Form which will greet you when you first open the app.

The Menu can be accessed by ‘tapping’ the icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Within the menu, Latest News and documents resources can be synced with the app so they can be viewed offline using the Sync App icon.

Latest News

ADSA will regularly update the app and website with the latest association news.

Simply ‘tap’ the title of the Latest News article you want to read.

You only need to have the app installed to receive notifications each time a news article has been added.


There are two resource areas available within the app, Assessments & Checklists and Reference Tables. They can both be accessed from the menu.

To view a document, simply tap the title of the document.

A notification will be sent once a new document has been added to the app.

Synced documents can be viewed offline.