Companies can register candidates with an assessor provided via ADSA.

The NVQ Assessor willfully explain the process and any questions or concerns can be answered.

It is envisaged that the Assessor will make up to three on-site observational visits with the candidates to assess occupational competence on site. If everything is satisfactory the paperwork can then be completed and signed off.

In addition to submitting the NVQ Application Form extra documentation is required for this NVQ, these are outlined below:

  • Company method statements, generic or site specific, these must be signed by the candidate
  • Company risk assessments, generic or site specific, these must be signed by the candidate
  • Job sheets for work done; these should cover the full range of products over a period of time that the candidate has worked on. These must be signed by both the candidate and customer
  • Commissioning sheets for work completed, these should cover a range of products that the candidate has worked on. These must be signed by the candidate
  • Drawings associated with work done by the candidate
  • Witness statements covering work history with the company
  • Any additional documentation which has been signed by the candidate

On successful completion of the NVQ the candidates will be issued with a certificate by the awarding body (cskills awards), upon receipt the candidate can then, providing a CSCS H&S pass has been obtained apply for a CSCS.

The cost of the assessment is determined by the assessor and the you. ADSA does not make any charges for the NVQ.

Limited funding may be available. Eligibility will be decided upon once the application has been completed.

As from July 1st 2014 holders of a site operative CSCS card (green) will no longer be able to renew it without:

  • Pass the Health and Safety in a Construction Environment NVQ level 1 qualification
  • Pass the CITB Operatives Health, Safety and Environment test within two years of applying for a new card

As we all know, any qualification or training comes with a financial cost attached to it, so why pay for a CSCS card that doesn’t represent the skills, knowledge and investment that has been put into your workforce only to be refused access to the work site.

For further information please contact ADSA office at;

Automatic Door Suppliers Association Limited

Tamworth Enterprise Business Centre,
Philip Dix House, Corporation Street
Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 7DN

Tel: +44 (0)1827 216136