About ADSA

ADSA was formed in 1985 for the purpose of ensuring that its member companies offer superior levels of safety for pedestrian automatic doors.

ADSA exists to promote the highest standards in automatic doors and to help specifiers and customers obtain the best solution for their requirements. ADSA first developed the industry code of practice. This covers the safety aspects of automatic doors for pedestrian use. This subsequently formed the basis of BS 7036: 1988, a code of practice for provision and installation of safety devices for automatic, power operated pedestrian door systems.

With advances in technology and the introduction of new safety devices, ADSA then developed to the updated standard BS 7036: 1996 covering safety of powered doors for pedestrian use. This was complemented by a written test taken by anyone involved in the industry who undertakes operations covered by The British Standard.

ADSA is actively involved in the formulation of European-wide standards. This resulted in standard BS EN 16005 – 2012, which replaced BS 7036 in April 2013. All members are fully committed to this standard and its associated testing.

ADSA member companies supply over 75% of the UK market. They can advise on every aspect of automatic doors, from the initial selection and specification, through to installation in order to ensure that clients end up with the right type of door for their particular requirements.

Automatic doors aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They can help regulate climate control in an entrance area whilst also offering a functional solution for people of all ages and abilities, particularly when viewed in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act 2010.

For ADSA our work on technical standards is paramount. We have representatives on technical standard committees including;

  • MHE/031 Automatic Power Operated Pedestrian Doors
  • B/538/01 Windows and Doors
  • B/538/02 Doors
  • B/538/15 Finger Traps
  • MHE/031 UK Mirror Group
  • B/559 Access to Buildings for Disabled People
  • BS 7036-0 Risk assessment for BS EN 16005

Executive Council

Simon Bowden

ADSA Chairman

Dave Hill

ADSA Managing Director

Tony O'Keeffe

Director - Horton Automatics UK

Paul Watson

ADSA Technical Standards Representative

Graeme Firth

Managing Director - Boon Edam

Tim Moore

Director - Axis Automatic Entrance Systems

Paul Ryan

Director - RTR Services

Jeff Siggers

Sales Director - Record UK

Paul Wright

Service Director - UK & Ireland - DORMA

Kevin Treharne

Director - Entec Access Systems

David Danzig

Service Sales Manager - ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

Kaz Spiewakowski

Managing Director GEZE UK

Technical Comittee

Paul Watson

ADSA Technical Standards Representative

Adam Wiggans

Horton Automatics Ltd

Glenn Fergusson

Axis Automatic Entrance Systems Ltd

John Rob

Record UK

Darren Hyde

Technical and Training Manager - ADSA

Lucien Blom


Kevin Ryan


Mike Vervoort


Lee Chandler


Richard Neal

Boon Edam

Paul Carroll


Tony Watson

H & J Martin

Spencer Davis

Gilgen Door Systems