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Technical Committee

  • Paul Watson

    Paul Watson

    ADSA Technical Standards Representative

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    Kieran Kennedy

    Technical Manager - HP Doors

  • Adam Wiggans

    Adam Wiggans

    Horton Automatics Ltd

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    Glenn Fergusson

    Axis Automatic Entrance Systems Ltd

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    Nigel Williams

    Record Automatic Doors

  • Nigel Hodkinson

    Nigel Hodkinson

    Kone Plc

  • Darren Hyde

    Darren Hyde

    Technical and Training Manager - ASDA

  • Lucien Blom

    Lucien Blom


  • Kevin Ryan

    Kevin Ryan


  • Mike Vervoort

    Mike Vervoort

    BEA S.A

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    Kevin Kaighin

    Insight Automation

  • No Image

    Richard Neal

    Boon Edam

  • No Image

    Tony Watson

    H & J Martin

  • No Image

    Rob Archer

    record uk

  • No Image

    Lee Cox

    RTR Services


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